Death's Throwing Axe is a secondary weapon Death possessed during his time as the Horseman of Death under Moloch's reign. While not often used, Abraham has demonstrated some proficiency in its use as a weapon. In the Pilot, Abraham wore it at his side while his primary weapon, the broadax was either worn on his back before he used a scabbard to house his Mossberg 500 shotgun and then later episodes show he has placed the weapon on his side with his secondary ax.

Also, he has shown the ability to heat up the blade of this weapon to 500 degrees when he attempted to kill Ichabod Crane to reclaim his skull.


  • This weapon was only used once, and that was in the pilot episode.
  • Although possibly an error, after the throwing axe was thrown, it remained lodged into the tombstone of Katrina Crane's false grave, but when Death is seen by the two policemen, the throwing axe could be seen on his side.

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