Craig Branham plays the horseback double for Abraham Van Brunt. He is also known for his work on Django Unchained (2012), True Grit (2010) and The Hulk (2003).


He was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world. He was the second-half season champion of "American Gladiators" and, for the 1990-1991 American Gladiators Grand Championship, faced off against Las Vegas police officer (and future World Wrestling Entertainment performer) Rico Costantino, who was the first-half season champion. Branham won the championship in a close competition that is still talked about today. Featured in the 1984 book "Blonds" which featured sketches and color photographs of 40 or so young men with varying degrees of "blondness." Branham's sketch mentioned his growing up on a ranch in Arizona where, at eight years old, he participated in his first rodeo. He later played basketball and was once the National Junior College Decathlon Champion. "Blonds" also included two "beefcake" photos of Branham posed in a pair of white briefs.


Season One
"Pilot" "Blood Moon" "For the Triumph of Evil..." "The Lesser Key of Solomon" "John Doe"
"The Sin Eater" "The Midnight Ride" "Necromancer" "Sanctuary" "The Golem"
"The Vessel" "The Indispensable Man" "Bad Blood"
Season Two
"This Is War" "The Kindred" "Root of All Evil" "Go Where I Send Thee..." "The Weeping Lady"
"And the Abyss Gazes Back" "Deliverance" "Heartless" "Mama" "Magnum Opus"
"The Akeda" "Paradise Lost" "Pittura Infamante" "Kali Yuga" "Spellcaster"
"What Lies Beneath" "Awakening" "Tempus Fugit"
Season Three
"I, Witness" "Whispers in the Dark" "Blood and Fear" "The Sisters Mills" "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
"This Red Lady from Caribee" "The Art of War" "Novus Ordo Seclorum" "One Life" "Incident At Stone Manor"
"Kindred Spirits" "Sins of the Father" "Dark Mirror" "Into the Wild" "Incommunicado"
"Dawn's Early Light" "Delaware" "Ragnarok"


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