Benedict Arnold (January 14, 1741—June 14, 1801) was a Major General in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. In 1780, under the influence of one of Judas' shekels, Arnold defected and became a Brigadier General in the British Army.


Continental ArmyEdit

Elected as a Captain in the Connecticut militia in March 1775, Arnold found early success in the capture of Fort Ticonderoga from its British garrison on May 10 with the help of Ethan Allen. Arnold followed this up by playing key roles in the invasion of Quebec and the battles of Valcour Island, Ridgefield, and Saratoga. He also served as military governor of Montreal and Philadelphia. During this time, he developed a friendship with Ichabod Crane. Despite his success, he felt that he was unfairly passed over for promotion by the Continental Congress.

Defection Edit

In the aftermath of a raid he and Crane led against a British counterfeiting organization, Arnold came into possession of one of the thirty silver shekels paid to Judas Iscariot. This artifact magnified his resentment of the Continental Congress, leading him to plot his defection to the British Army. In 1780, he plotted with Major John Andre to surrender West Point to the British. After Major Andre was captured in Tarrytown, Arnold fled. He was granted the rank of Brigadier General and fought for the British Army until 1781, when he left for England. Before he left, Arnold saw Captain Crane once again and spared his life from his troops, possibly because he knew about Crane's role as a Witness.[1]

Notes & References Edit

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