Armin is a mercenary for The Shadow Warriors. He was killed by Ichabod Crane when he was thrown The Lesser Key of Solomon's fiery portal.


Secret WarriorEdit

Armin, along with his partners Hagen and Gunther were searching for Jennifer Mills. They had leads that pointed to Wendel Clark's bar. After Wendel confirmed Jenny's visit, Armin and his associates tortured him to death. To find the location of a book, known was The Lesser Key of Solomon, he helped ambush the Witnesses and Jenny by stealing their sextant. After they found the book, they preformed a ritual to open a portal and raise the demons from hell. He nearly killed Jenny when trying to be stopped, but Ichabod threw him into the flames of the portal.[1]


Season One
"Pilot" "Blood Moon" "For the Triumph of Evil..." "The Lesser Key of Solomon" "John Doe"
"The Sin Eater" "The Midnight Ride" "Necromancer" "Sanctuary" "The Golem"
"The Vessel" "The Indispensable Man" "Bad Blood"


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