Ancitif is a demon of possession who attacked Macey Irving in the episode "The Vessel".


In the 17th cenury, Ancitif and other lustful demons possessed a group of nuns in Louviers.[1]

Season OneEdit

In the episode The Vessel, Ancitif threatenes Frank Irving's daughter, Macey, saying that he will kill the girl unless Frank gives him Washington's Bible. Ancitif possesses several police officers, including Luke Morales and Devon Jones, whom he murdered. When Irving didn't give him the bible, he possessed Macey and forced him to give him the bible. That failed, and he was sent back to Hell by Crane, Abbie, and Jenny Mills.[2]

By using a lantern that exorcizes evil spirits from possessed people that was given to Benjamin Franklin by French people while he was visiting France, Ichabod Crane rescued the possessed Macey and Ancitef was exorcized to whence it came.[2]


Ancitif, much like Satan, can possess the bodies of mortal beings. Unlike Satan, Ancitif can jump from body to body, leaving people completely unaware of where they are, and what they said and did under his influence. It appears Ancitif is Moloch's messenger delivering warnings and threats to his enemies such as telling Sheriff August Corbin his fate to die at the hands of Death as well as saying that Jenny Mills is destined to kill her sister Abbie.[2]

His victims were Jenny Mills[2], a vendor in the park, a woman,[3] sheriff's deputy, Devon Jones, Luke Morales, and Macey Irving.


  • A running gag shows police interrogators mishearing Frank Irving as saying "Anticif." During his lie detector test, Irving retaliated by saying "It's Ancitif. The C comes before the T."



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