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Abbie Mills

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General Description
Aliases/Nicknames: The Second Witness
Lieutenant (by Ichabod Crane)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Lieutenant, Westchester County PD
Affiliation: Good
Allies: Ichabod Crane
August Corbin
Westchester County PD
Jenny Mills
Katrina Crane
Frank Irving
Enemies: Moloch
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Serilda of Abaddon
Andy Brooks
The Shadow Warriors
Mother: Lori Roberts
Father: Mr. Mills
Sister(s): Jenny Mills
Maternal Grandmother: Ellie Williams
Maternal Grandfather: Jacob Roberts
Show Information
Portrayed by: Nicole Beharie,
Jahnee Wallace (as a teen)
First Mention: Pilot
First Appearance: Pilot

Lieutenant Grace Abigail "Abbie" Mills (Nicole Beharie) is a sheriff detective in the small, modern-day town of Sleepy Hollow. After being visited by the demon Moloch at a young age, she is the Second Witness of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that was foretold in the book of Revelation, and one of the two main protagonists on the show. Abbie and Ichabod, along with their fellow comrades, must team up together to prevent the end of days from occuring.



Before Abbie became a cop at the Sleepy Hollow police department, she had a troubled childhood, which included brief run-ins with the law. At an early age, Abbie and her sister Jennifer were met with tragedy. Her father left the family for unknown reasons. Her mother, stricken with grief, eventually died years later thus leaving Jennifer and Abbie by themselves. They have no known immediate family beyond their parents.

During this tumultuous time, the girls were placed into foster care and attempted to pick up the pieces of their broken life. While walking home from school one day, the two sisters were met by the demon of child sacrifice, Moloch, in the woods. He came in the form of four white trees, which startled the two terrified girls before they blacked out. While it felt like hours that the two had been asleep, the two girls had been missing for four days. After being rescued by a civilian from a local search party, the girls were then taken into police custody. From that point on, their lives had changed for the worse.

While being questioned on their whereabouts during the time they went missing, Jennifer had decided to tell the truth about what happened to them in the woods despite Abbie’s warnings that they lie. When asked to corroborate the story, Abbie decided to lie and told the officer that she did not remember. Her reasons for lying were because she was not only frightened by the possibility that supernatural creatures existed, but also because she didn’t want to be taken out of foster care or even worse be placed into an asylum. Heartbroken and angry, Jennifer begged her sister to tell the officer the truth, but Abbie refused and continued to deny any allegations that they were visited by a demon. Thinking that the girl was insane, the officers took Jennifer away for psychiatric help while Abbie was taken back to her foster home. In consequence in her decision to abandon her sister, this tore apart the close relationship the two once shared and has yet to be fully mended.

Despite her attempts at a normal life, Abbie still struggled with the incident in the woods. As a result, she began to lash out by abusing drugs as well as hanging with the wrong crowd. One night, she and her ex-boyfriend had decided to rob a convenient store. They had managed to trigger an alarm and the ex-boyfriend had escaped, leaving Abbie behind to take the blame. With the imminent criminal charges looming over her head, it seemed as if Abbie’s fate was sealed to the criminal system until luck favored her. By a chance meeting she was arrested and taken in by Sheriff August Corbin.

Corbin, taking pity on the troubled teenager, took her to a diner in an attempt to reach out to her. While engaging with the girl in light conversation, he purchased an apple pie la mode and informed her that by the time the ice cream melted, she had two choices: To get her act together or to go to jail. This was the best fatherly counseling that she had ever experienced in her life, and it was enough to breakthrough to Abbie. From that point on, Abbie was determined to let go of her tragic past that bound her and tried to get her life together. Through Corbin’s act of kindness and mentorship, it inspired Abbie to become a police officer herself. With this new lease on life, the girl excelled. Her career at the police department was successful. Through her brilliance, passion and drive, she was eventually accepted into the elite FBI program in Quantico, which only took in a few hundred people each year. However, with the happenings of Sleepy Hollow, she was forced to turn down the assignment and instead has joined the cause as the Second Witness in the fight against evil.

Season OneEdit

Detective Abbie Mills is a smart and tough detective with the Westchester County PD in the small town of Sleepy Hollow. Poised to leave the town in a week for the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, she has an unspoken reluctance about her decision. An incident involving her and her sister Jenny causes her to doubt her perceptive abilities, and she's horrified as she witnesses the gory slaying of her partner and mentor, Sheriff August Corbin. Barely able to speak about what she saw, only one person can corroborate her story -- Ichabod Crane, an unwilling fugitive from the past who claims to be a soldier in the Revolutionary War.[1]

Character Summary (per episode)Edit

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Jennifer Mills

Her relationship to Jennifer Mills is that she is her big sister and that they have both had trauma in their lives. They were a product of the foster care system when their father abandon the family and mother couldn’t cope with thus abandonment so she either had a breakdown because their dad left and she couldnt keep the family together. After her mother was committed into a state institution the girls was placed into a foster home which both of them (maybe) were doing well until the day they snuck to the woods to have a couple of beers. Then their whole world change, they saw something in the woods in the way of 4 white trees moving toward them. Abbie and Jenny believed that they were only unconscious for a couple minutes but in actuality they had been missing for 4 days , and a local man by the name of Mr. Gillespie found them. Abbie had told Jenny to keep her mouth shut about that had happen because she knew if they both told the real reason why they had went to the woods in the first place then they would have been move from probably the best foster home they had since they became a ward of the State. But Jenny wouldn’t keep quiet about what she saw, thus causing a rift in the relationship that they had when they were younger. But Abbie understood the implication of saying what they saw would only make them more of a outcast in the small town then she already felt they were.

As they grew up and both sister started living their lives Abbie tried to help Jenny but, Jenny only rebuff the help she offered. What Abbie didn’t know that while she was being mentor by August Corbin so was Jenny but, in a different manner. It was only when Abbie encounter the Sandman she forced at that time to truly realized that she was wrong for denying that the things that she and Jenny accounted all those years ago in the woods. After she conquered the Sandman she went to offered her apologizes to Jenny but, only to find out that she had escaped. After she was allowed a 12 hour period by Captain Irving to bring in Jenny, she found her in the cabin that once belong to Sheriff Corbin did she find out that Corbin had been helping Jenny to. Once they got the information that they needed from the Hessian, together with Crane was they able to stop the other Hessians from opening up the gate so the demons can come forth into Sleepy Hollow. After they defeated them Abbie admitted that what she did was wrong and hope that one day she would be able to forgive her and that she trust her again like they did when they were younger. Abbie gave her a papers to allow her to have conservator ship over her when she get out of the Psychiatric hospital. During the episode of The Vessel we found out that the reason why Jenny kept her distance was because she had became possessed and the demon told her she would kill her sister so to keep from doing that she had her self locked up to keep from harming her.


Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

"Okay. I'll play along here. I am a black female lieutenant for the Westchester County Police Department. Do you see this gun? I'm authorized to use it. On you." -Abbie to Ichabod

"Wait, back up, you're offended?" -Abbie to Ichabod when he expresses offense to the insinuation that he endorses slavery 

"Congratulations. Slavery has been abolished 150 years. It's a whole new day in America." -Abbie to Ichabod

"Two hundred and fifty years, huh? Civil War didn't wake you? Noisy neighbors to the south. Did you get up to pee? Don't know about you, but I'm getting up to pee every 75, 80 years." -Abbie to Ichabod

"Convenient part for me is if you tell anyone, no one will believe you." -Abbie to Ichabod about believing his fantastical story

"And even if I thought what I saw was possible, I would be alone again arguing a case i cannot understand based on something I cannot explain. Let's. Go." -Abbie to Ichabod

"Back in High School... me and my sister Jenny were walking home one night in the forest. All of a sudden there were these four white trees; there was something not right about them. And then there was this voice. I couldn't see it clearly, I couldn't tell if it was a person or a thing. And, uh...We blacked out! Next thing we knew someone found us on the side of the road, and everyone said we were crazy... I guess after a while Jenny started believing it. [...] But then you showed up. And everyone said that you were crazy. So I guess I just know what that feels like." -Abbie to Ichabod

"Stand down and let me do my job!" -Abbie to the mental institution doctor

"Walk fast. We've got about one minute until she realizes that court order is a practice sheet from my academy exam." -Abbie to Ichabod

"I think this is where I'm supposed to be." -Abbie to Irving

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Season 1
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